February 17, 2003

Mild humorous value

  • "I'll hang my head out the window and pant like a dog." -- Jascha
  • "I lose my tail by... walking too fast!" -- Jascha
  • "The Americans have bicycle technology!" -- Pete
  • "You make up some witty comment about syphilis." -- Jon
  • "All night she needed your help?" -- Brad
  • "We're wondering whether this is the kind of scam where you get beaten or shot."

    "I never got beaten or shot. Well, I got beaten... badly. But I never got shot." -- David and Jascha

  • "Let's change `bless me' to `I f*cked Mina too.'" -- Brad
  • "I try not to sweat too obviously." -- Colin
  • "I need a small boy no one will miss." -- Brad
Posted by jon at February 17, 2003 10:35 AM
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