March 21, 2003

Wherein we are hopelessly outclassed by the competition

Those who wussed out on last night might read the last half dozen of this batch, and realize what an odd evening they missed.

  • "Do not keep your dice in the bag of devouring." -- David
  • "One Track Mind! . . . No, not what you're thinking." -- Brad
  • "I'm a paying friend of Charlie's."
    "Do take Reichmarks? You don't take that yet? You will soon!" -- Jascha & Brad
  • "The next morning bangs around your skull like a frying pan wielded by an angry dwarf." -- Jon

  • "I came over for your English humour."
    "Ve haff to import it into Germany, und now zee embargo ees getting so bad." -- Pete & Brad
  • "As it turns out, there are lots of ways to be sure." -- Colin

  • "It seems to me Franklin just got jealous of my competition for Worst Spy Ever, and decided to establish it once and for all." -- Colin.
  • "I think it was a perfectly reasonable reaction to the somewhat-evil waiting room of the snake people." -- Jascha
  • "Norton couldn't possibly have psychic abilities. How could he be such a doofus if he has psychic abilities?" -- Jascha
  • "I roll to disbelieve that he's human. They're wily, these snake people." -- Jascha
  • "You spent eleven gift points trying to get away from and kill your allies!"
    "Well, yeah, dude."
    "The last three were trying to punch out the guy who was trying to explain everything to us!" -- Pete & Jascha
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