July 25, 2003

Wherein we get off lightly

2003/07/24 (June 23, 1940 -- January 9, 1941)

Franklin is arrested & thrown in British military stockade. Claims to be French Intelligence; they buy it, for a while. Zenas is visited in his dreams & asked to transport 48 bottles of divine spoo back to New York -- no problem. Group reports in to ONI -- all get ripped new ones; Franklin is busted to 2nd Lt; we get assigned to Subbasement 3, Storeroom B27, Operation Aquarium. No one is willing to say what Operation Aquarium does.

Klaus leaves; we meet new characters: Capt Josephine McArthur (Lauren), Benny Tudalo (Pete), Daniel Ashley (Andromeda).

Six months pass.

We receive manila envelope -- report of serial rapist caught in Boston, fingerprints match person Aquarium is looking for -- we work out that he was an escapee from the raid on Innsmouth, & hence an evil fishperson. Calls himself Laban, from Genesis. All troop off to visit Boston P.D., who are willing to cooperate since we promise we aren't planning on taking the suspect out of their jurisdiction. Suspect's effects include two bottles of semen, a turkey baster, and nineteen socks.

Good cop, bad cop, psychic cop turns out to be an effective interrogation technique.

He brags "they will rise in nine months."

  • "It is of course completely plausible that a French intelligence agent was found cowering under a car." -- Colin
  • "I remember the great battle of '38, the goons vs. the US Navy." -- Klaus
  • "We have done so much for your country . . . we don't even know what exactly we have done!" -- Klaus
  • "Where'd you grow up?"
    "South Carolina."
    "Why?" -- Benny & Franklin
  • "It's traditional in the Navy to wait to play darts until the Captain leaves the room." -- Zenas.
  • "Remember that time I set the trashcan on fire, and then we left for the day, and we came back and it was still burning? This is one of those situations." -- Benny, getting Zen
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