January 30, 2005

Week 4

I got a lot done this week, but not what I'd intended. I got a call from my good friend, work-from-home guru, Kristie T. We had a phone-lunch on Thursday. In the course of our conversatin, she asked me to write an article for her webmomz newsletter. I wrote the article that same day, though I don't know if/when she plans to publish it. Still, the last time I was asked to write something was a children's book in 1999 about a Millenium Bug, but that guy dropped the project when his stuffed animals didn't sell. It's a long story.

So, anyway, while I've written a complete draft of Wilson's Garage, I didn't do anything for research on places to submit Song. However, submitting my article to webmomz qualifies as submitting a piece this quarter, so I can give myself until June now to send in Song. I love my logic.

For week 5, my goal is to work through at least two re-write's on W.G. Seems do-able.

Posted by debra at January 30, 2005 09:34 PM
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