March 06, 2005

Week 9

I wrote only five days this week, but they were good days. It was hard for me to get started, since Iíve been stumped on what to do next. I gave Wilsonís Garage a good rewrite, and now Iím waiting on some readersí opinions before I go on with that. Since going through my files and files of stories last week, Iíve decided that I need a ďpublishing system,Ē as Iíve chosen to call it. Upon review, Iím certain that my novels are much better than my short stories. I prefer writing lengthy works, and Iím better at it. But the chances of publishing short fiction are so much better. So, Iíve decided to keep three things in progress at any one time. Those of you who know me (and my style of creation) know that working on only three pieces at a time will not be easy for me, but I think itís best. So, Song of Life will be my ďsubmittedĒ piece for this year (or until itís accepted or at least rejected by every market I can fit it to). Wilsonís Garage will be my short piece in progress, and my main focus will be on the novel, Malek. Many of you have read all or parts of my first draft of Malek, and I think itíll be an easier work to revise than The Serpent of Fire (too long) or Winging (too short). So, Iíll be looking for more readers. If anyone wants to critique a chapter or two (or the short stories, for that matter), email me. ( My gungeralv host has informed me that no one can post a comment to me here. Sorry about that, but I check my email as often as I can.

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