March 13, 2005

Week 10

What a week! My article, Saving My Sanity, was published on Webmomz this week:

Also, Iíve submitted Song of Life, though not exactly to a publisher. I came upon an international short fiction contest with a deadline of March 31. I really wanted to enter, but I all had ready was Song. Still, if it places, itíll be published, and if it doesnít place, I can send it on to publishers this summer.

I even worked this week. A lot! Mostly on my novel, Malek. Iíve gotten through the first three chapters, and Iím pretty excited about it. This coming week may be tough for writing since my parents are coming out for a visit, but Iím going to try my best to write at least five days.

Posted by debra at March 13, 2005 07:47 PM
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