March 28, 2005

Week 12

I got so involved in writing (or rather, re-writing) last night, that I forgot to post here. Oops. Oh well. Iím proud to say that after 12 weeks, Iíve managed to make my writing time a priority that it never was before. Itís part of the routine, now, and Iím finding it easier to pick up where I left of the night before.

Iím now through six chapters of Malek. Iíve gotten bogged down a few times, wondering if Iíd ever get a particular passage right, but Iím very happy with it so far. Iím hoping to start soliciting agents for it by the end of summer. That might be a bit too soon, but you never know. I do want it to be right first, though. So, Iím back to it now!

Posted by debra at March 28, 2005 04:20 PM
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