June 12, 2005

Week 23

I guess itís been a couple of weeks since I posted. (Three??) Thatís okay with me since it hardly makes sense to keep posting the same thing week after week. Summer life is busy and getting busier, but I am keeping up, more or less. I co-wrote an article over the last two weeks for the publication Bookmarks. So, at least Iíve managed to submit something this quarter. Other than that, Iíve been plugging away on Malek. Songís been on the backburner so long, I should just go ahead and stick it in the freezer! I now have three readers lined up to read Malek for me, and I'm really feeling pressure to get through the whole thing once before our trip to Hawaii in July. That gives me four weeks. Wish me luck!

Posted by debra at June 12, 2005 07:28 PM
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