March 28, 2005

Week 12

I got so involved in writing (or rather, re-writing) last night, that I forgot to post here. Oops. Oh well. Iím proud to say that after 12 weeks, Iíve managed to make my writing time a priority that it never was before. Itís part of the routine, now, and Iím finding it easier to pick up where I left of the night before.

Iím now through six chapters of Malek. Iíve gotten bogged down a few times, wondering if Iíd ever get a particular passage right, but Iím very happy with it so far. Iím hoping to start soliciting agents for it by the end of summer. That might be a bit too soon, but you never know. I do want it to be right first, though. So, Iím back to it now!

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March 21, 2005

Week 11

After a very exciting week 10, this week seemed slow. I managed to write 6 out of 7 days, even though Mom and Dad were here, so I thank them for indulging me. I also wish to thank everyone whoís read and commented on my Webmomz article. Iím flattered by how many of you read it! And I deeply appreciate your kind words!!

Iím still plugging away on Malek and expect to be for some time to come. I find I get excited about the story and end up just reading instead of trying to improve it. Thatís good, I suppose, but it doesnít get me very far.

I hope to get through chapter five of the novel this week. There's a section in there that needs a major overhaul, however, and I'm not sure I can get through it all. That's my goal this week, though. Wish me luck!

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March 13, 2005

Week 10

What a week! My article, Saving My Sanity, was published on Webmomz this week:

Also, Iíve submitted Song of Life, though not exactly to a publisher. I came upon an international short fiction contest with a deadline of March 31. I really wanted to enter, but I all had ready was Song. Still, if it places, itíll be published, and if it doesnít place, I can send it on to publishers this summer.

I even worked this week. A lot! Mostly on my novel, Malek. Iíve gotten through the first three chapters, and Iím pretty excited about it. This coming week may be tough for writing since my parents are coming out for a visit, but Iím going to try my best to write at least five days.

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March 06, 2005

Week 9

I wrote only five days this week, but they were good days. It was hard for me to get started, since Iíve been stumped on what to do next. I gave Wilsonís Garage a good rewrite, and now Iím waiting on some readersí opinions before I go on with that. Since going through my files and files of stories last week, Iíve decided that I need a ďpublishing system,Ē as Iíve chosen to call it. Upon review, Iím certain that my novels are much better than my short stories. I prefer writing lengthy works, and Iím better at it. But the chances of publishing short fiction are so much better. So, Iíve decided to keep three things in progress at any one time. Those of you who know me (and my style of creation) know that working on only three pieces at a time will not be easy for me, but I think itís best. So, Song of Life will be my ďsubmittedĒ piece for this year (or until itís accepted or at least rejected by every market I can fit it to). Wilsonís Garage will be my short piece in progress, and my main focus will be on the novel, Malek. Many of you have read all or parts of my first draft of Malek, and I think itíll be an easier work to revise than The Serpent of Fire (too long) or Winging (too short). So, Iíll be looking for more readers. If anyone wants to critique a chapter or two (or the short stories, for that matter), email me. ( My gungeralv host has informed me that no one can post a comment to me here. Sorry about that, but I check my email as often as I can.

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