April 24, 2005

Week 16

Another great week! I finally like the beginning of Malek. I also had a moment of inspiration for yet another new scene that equals my best work ever, so Iím really happy! Top it off with the fact that today is my birthday, and despite the snow (four inches!!), itís been an incredible day. I love my work. Life is good. Iím so lucky!

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April 17, 2005

Week 15

This was an okay week. In the past, Iíve felt very, very good about what Iíve written. This week, I just feel so-so. Iím trying to edit what I wrote last week so that it feels like itís always been part of the manuscript, and thatís hard after the fact. So, while I worked a few minutes almost every day, I didnít put in the hours of work I have previously. Iím hoping I can work more intensely this week. Iíll let you know if it works out!

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April 11, 2005

Week 14

I took a break from writing yesterday, so Iím posting this on Monday. Iíve worked very hard this week. Very hard! And I think Iíve an idea now of what life might be like if I did sell something and was asked to make critical revisions. I added three major scenes to Malek, about a chapter and a half. It wasnít easy, and Iím very proud of myself for working through it. I spent hours and hours at the computer this week. Of course, Iím not finished, theyíre just rough-ins, but it shouldnít be too bad to edit from here. After I get my house back in order, Iíll get started!

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April 03, 2005

Week 13

I worked hard on Malek this week, but not exactly editing. I had to transfer the file from a very old PC to a not-terribly-new Mac. Youíd think that since Iíve been using Word on both computers, this wouldnít be a problem, but youíd be wrong. Iím sure one of my many tech-geek friends could have told me how to fix the formatting problem that occurred, but I didnít ask. Instead, I fixed it manually, line by line, all six thousand, six hundred and thirty eight of them. Whew! It only took three days. On the up side, doing so gave me a chance to skim through the whole thing and remind myself of why I really love this story! In fact, itís become hard for me to be away from it for very long. I no long worry if Iíll be able to write every day. Instead, I worry if Iíll be doing anything else all day! Find the balance, I hear myself say. Hopefully, I can!

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