1999 September 4

Egg rolls

I shouldered my way into Whole Foods Market tonight. Egg roll lust lay heavy upon me, and they tried to send me away with that snivelling, ``I'm sorry sir, but we closed a minute and a half ago'' routine. But I got my foot in the door, and was not to be turned aside from ridiculously overpriced fried vegetable pastries so easily.

(Trader Joe's has way better egg rolls than Whole Foods and for about half the price, for reference. But they close at 9.)

I'm not sure exactly why I was so determined to go home with egg rolls, except that I was wandering University Ave while hungry for something quick and tasty, not sugary but not too greasy, and Palo Alto has dick all in way of decent sidewalk food. Whole Foods was the only thing left open at 10 pm Friday night.

. . .

My life seems a little off-kilter this week. If it doesn't have to do with making preparations for boot camp next month or with reliving my kick-ass NASFiC weekend just passed, I can't seem to concentrate on it; the rest of the routine of daily life seems pallid and boring by comparison.

I slept 12 hours Wednesday night and 10 hours last night, recuperating. It is now just past midnight Friday night/Saturday morning, and I'm again exhausted. Time to crash.

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