2002 December 30

Mojave Phone Booth

After you hang around the net long enough, eventually you hear about the Mojave Phone Booth. If you haven't yet, this is your time.


[phone booth image] A stunning demonstration of the potential constructive use of too much time on one's hands. One day, I too shall do something this cool.

But if you have heard of it, the sad news is that the Booth has been removed.

Admittedly, that was two years ago. If you're way ahead of me on that, too, then I'll just thank you not to mock too loudly.

The other day, Keri was asking me why I put this site back up. One part of the answer is this: I seriously do want to do something as cool as the Phone Booth Project someday. It seems to me that, as much as anything, getting there requires some self-indoctrination in habits of thought, starting with: publish, dammit. There's nifty ideas out there all the time, if you just pay attention and do something about them.


The reason the phone booth was removed was due to too much traffic out to the Baker, Cima, Kelso triangle caused by publicity on the internet. I know, I've been going out there for over 30 years and until it appeared on the net only a few knew about it. Once posted every moron in a 4x4 went out there until the BLM complained to the phone company who removed it. Another desert secret runied by those from the city.

Posted by: Ranger Steve on March 2, 2004 08:01 PM

To Ranger Steve: You are a disgrace. In response to your comment that the "city folk" ruined the telephone site, I must disagree. The true culprits are the liberal NPS and their ilk (Barbera Boxer et al). The fact that a large portion of the populace chooses to acknowledge and embrace a portion of the "sacred environment" does not mean that it should be banned and/or restricted. I find your arrogance in selfishly announcing to all who care (I dont) that "you have been going out there for 30 years", implies that you have some prior right to enjoying what this country has to offer. I suppose someone who has been visiting the Pacific Ocean on the Central Coast has the same right to keep all others from enjoying "thier view" , at least following your logic. I thought the whole point of "public land" was that it was to the benefit of all of us here in the public, not just the few who discovered it first. I hate to say it, but it's your kind of exclusionist thinking that perpetuates the power of the NPS and other agencies of like mind to shut down public lands. If you doubt me, go and visit badwater in death valley. If your'e lucky, and you pay your parking fee, you can barely see the spot. No mere mortal will ever again get to stand next to the pools, nor will they be able to actually hike to the actual lowest point in the U.S. Shame on you.

Posted by: Steve Burger on May 4, 2004 10:01 PM
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