2003 April 27

Because it's there

Some random NHL trivia. I got curious about the distribution of Stanley Cup winners, and might as well write down what I worked out.

Teams that have played the longest in the NHL without winning a Cup

Rank Year
7Boston Bruinswon 1972
5Vancouver Canucksentered league 1970-71
5Buffalo Sabresentered league 1970-71
3L. A. Kingsentered league 1967-68
3St. Louis Bluesentered league 1967-68
2Toronto Maple Leafswon 1967
1Chicago Black Hawkswon 1961
According to the authoritative colbycosh.com odds, Vancouver currently has the best chance of breaking its streak (26% at the moment, with Dallas down 2-0 against Anaheim).

Most Cups

Rank Wins
1Montreal Canadiens24
2Toronto Maple Leafs13
3Detroit Red Wings10
4Boston Bruins5
4Edmonton Oilers5
6New York Islanders4
6New York Rangers4
8Chicago Black Hawks3
Colorado, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia have two Cups each; Dallas and Calgary each have one. None of the other sixteen teams in the league have any. (Unless you want to count the Ottawa Senators as a revival of the team that played in the early NHL, from 1901 to 1934, winning nine cups.)

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