2003 April 21

Now that that thing in Iraq is over, the wars are really rolling

I've really been getting into the Stanley Cup playoffs -- haven't watched them in ages, but man, this year I'm sucked in. Hockey doesn't get much better than this -- it's only the first round, but it's been one great, tight, fast game after another. The only team that went out in four straight was Detroit, the defending Cup champions. The eighth-seed Oilers took two games from this year's favourites Stars, and were a heartbeat from taking three. Already I think there've been nine overtime games, six of which went to double overtime, three of which went to triple overtime. (That's one thing the NHL has all over international rules -- teams get to play until somebody wins, dammit, no matter how long it takes.)

Incredibly, three series are going to seven games, all to be played tomorrow night. Both Vancouver and Minnesota have come back from being down 3-1, while Toronto and Philadelphia have fought a punishing back-and-forth series, playing three of those multi-overtime games by themselves.

I have to watch tomorrow night -- I have very high hopes for some sudden-golf overtime. If anyone wants to join me, say hi.

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