2003 April 9


Matthew Yglesias is hunting for arguments to deploy for why invading Syria would be a bad idea. He's somehow got the idea that merely having no justification isn't going to stop this administration; can't imagine where he could have got that from.

My suggestion for the administration: What the hell are you doing distracting us with Syria? Pay some attention to North Korea, you irresponsible morons!

Okay, perhaps it could use a bit of prettying up. But as an argument, it carries a certain visceral satisfaction.

The US military may claim to be able to fight more than one war at a time, but there's still a policy-making bottleneck at the top -- we need more Powells, stat! The administration really doesn't have the bandwidth to piss off the Europeans about more than one warmongering adventure at a time.

Ahhh. It feels good to vent.

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