2003 June 12


I saw "Pulse" the other night at the Museum of Science with Connie -- definitely recommended. What is it? It's an hour of dance, I suppose, all kinds of dance and percussion. African tribesmen, New York City breakdancers, psychotic Japanese taiko drummers (who appear to be trying to develop Spontaneous Human Explosion), capoeira fighters, flamenco, English bellringers, a Hindu religious procession, and some experimental stuff from Stomp (the dance troupe, who made the movie). It's well-paced, funny, ecstatic, and surreal -- there's a scene with a bicycle and a pier where they took it straight up the middle, and my reaction to what happened next was "Ah, so this is where the drugs kick in."

It's OmniMax, which is an impressive spectacle, but means that if you aren't right on the centreline of the theatre you get to watch the movie in Distort-o-Vision (and since the seats in the Mugar Theatre don't recline, here's a hint: go high). For Pulse, though, the warping and stretching of shapes didn't hurt -- in fact, without it, perhaps the whole thing wouldn't have seemed as much like a wild drug trip as it did.

Also, somewhat to my surprise, the Omni is actually cheaper than a film at the Fenway -- $7 weeknights.

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