2003 July 23

Switching gears

It's probably unsurprising that it's taking me a while to wrench myself around to putting in solid workdays on planning for Eden. Not only am I having to get used to keeping focused while sitting at home, surrounded by distractions, but I've got to re-acquaint myself with keeping focused at all. Orange hasn't exactly been a disciplined job for me. I've got to retrain myself. I know I can do this -- I just need to get back to it fairly quickly. The sooner I can get my plans written and new visa application submitted, the sooner I can legally get to the real work, which is the part I'm actually looking forward to.

The past couple days haven't been a total waste, mind you. I'm just not keeping up with the aggressive schedule I set.

I've had at least one inquiry about what the hell I'm up to -- I forget sometimes that not everybody knows yet. I'm working on a plan for a restaurant dinner club for singles. You'd sign up for a meal someplace interesting, and sit down with five other people you didn't yet know -- three men, three women. It's the most natural and civilized way to get to know new people, around a table with good food and drink. It's something like what these people do, except I believe I can do it for a lot less than a hundred and fifty dollars a month -- and that doesn't even include the food.

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