2003 August 5

It doesn't take all kinds; we just have all kinds

I was looking at my server logs, and discovered someone had found my site following a google search for the single word "gutpunched". So I had to try it myself, and it turns out this entry is currently google's number 5 result for "gutpunched".

This is number 4:

gutpunch newbie seeks nyc partner
Posted by: pulsator
August 12, 2002 at 06:36:30
Fascinated by gutpunching. (check out clips at www.gutpunching.net - total turnon.) Looking for nyc guy interested in trying this stuff out... I'm 5-9, 150, workout regularly, decent shape. Go for it...

Gutpunching.net, tragically, says it's for sale and will be coming down on August 10th, so I archive a snippet here for posterity:

As cocky, confident Don doubles over, he picks him up and continues the punishment. Will the younger Steven tire? or will Don be the first to surrender? Shot with two cameras the action is real, fast and furious. The grunts, groans and man sweat makes this one of our best videos yet!    50 Minutes of real gutpunching action!

I don't know what to write here that won't sound snide. Honestly, I'm more bemused than anything. I can even kind of see the appeal.


Actually, to those who understand it, there is a tremendous amount of appeal to men gutpunching each other. Yea, it's totally homo-erotic and requires both a sadist and a masochist but there is nothing better than the sound of bare knuckles connecting with a well-toned slab of stomach muscles - again to those who are into this kind of thing.

Posted by: jason on October 14, 2003 12:43 PM
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