2003 September 22

Beaver Pond

I needed time to think, so I went out past I-95 to the beaver pond. It helped.

Date Route Dist Time Avg Spd Year Total
2003/09/22 I-95/beaver pond 30.1 km 1:22:45 21.8 km/h 811 km
Fall is in the air.


There are beavers? Where?

Posted by: Andromeda on September 22, 2003 06:25 PM

Okay, I've never actually seen the beavers, but it sure looks like a beaver dam. If you're heading outbound on the Minuteman, there's a big pond on the right just past I-95.

Posted by: colin roald on September 22, 2003 09:28 PM

We moved to the Ellenville NY area this past summer. Today on a walk into the woods behind our house we happened upon a beaver pond; dam, active beavers in the pond and trees in the process of being girdled!!! What a wonderful gift to have so near to our home. We will be going there regularly and plan to get a small boat to hang out in the pond.

Posted by: Diane on October 8, 2003 06:01 PM
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