2003 September 26

Trader Joe's

I ran over a squirrel! Yerg. The thing tried to sprint across the path awfully close in front of me, but it was going to make it. It would have made it, if it hadn't stopped and tried to reverse right in front of my wheel. Whump, whump -- both wheels, right over it. Oddly, my reaction more than anything is: annoyed that it did something so dumb. I don't want to be involved in that kind of thing. But I don't think I killed it -- it was in good enough shape to tear off into the bushes before I could stop.

Meanwhile, I am in noticeably worse shape than I was a couple months ago.

Date Route Dist Time Avg Spd Year Total
2003/09/26 Trader Joe's (Arlington Heights) 14.7 km 39:44 22.2 km/h 834 km
That's three minutes off pace. Bleah.

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