2003 October 16

Angle-Grinder Man and the psychology of the real-life superhero

Teresa Nielsen-Hayden is on the case of Angle-Grinder Man (superhero with a website), Superbarrio, Terrifica, Mister Twister, and Polarman, Masked Hero of Iqaluit.

"Any parent who gets a phone call from his son saying, `Oh, you might see me in the newspaper; I'm a superhero wheel clamp vigilante' - it might take them a little while to formulate their views," [Angle-Grinder Man] said in an interview. [+]
For the record, "I'm a heterosexual superhero," Angle-Grinder Man said, "although I have no problem being a gay icon." [+]

Teresa's conclusion:

I believe we have enough data to say that real superheroes tend to work in support of single issues, or on behalf of the needs of specific populations. I don't expect the writers at DC and Marvel to take notice of this anytime soon. [+]

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