2003 October 19

I'm a freak

There was a party tonight at LSE. I failed to go, because I couldn't manage to put down the book I was reading. This book, I should emphasize, was about cooking tools. Yes, like the difference between cast-iron and cladded-stainless-steel frying pans.

Alton Brown is an interesting writer, but jebus. What the hell is wrong with me?


Yes, but you're a freak in all the good ways and none of the bad ways! :)

I didn't make either party that was on Saturday cuz I ended up helping Nate move some things and just vegging, which I guess isn't total waste after working my butt off all this week!

But I do need to get out more!

Posted by: Marek on October 20, 2003 12:58 AM

Awwww. :) And I was such a *cute* pirate!

Alton Brown has a new book???

Posted by: Amy on October 20, 2003 08:54 AM

Amy writes:
Awwww. :) And I was such a *cute* pirate!

Dammit. What the hell was I thinking? I mean, really?

Alton Brown has a new book???

Gear For Your Kitchen. Good stuff, especially for someone like me who kind of freezes up when confronted with a Wall of Cooking Things. But better than cute pirates? I think not.

Posted by: colin roald on October 20, 2003 10:14 AM

You didn't miss all that much really. Well, except me in my sexy pseudo pirate outfit and the really incredible cake that was shaped like a pirate ship. But other than that it was too crowded for my tastes and there was no one to flirt with.

Posted by: brandi on October 20, 2003 02:36 PM
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