2004 March 20

Shilling for my employer

I started at VistaPrint a couple weeks ago, and am still having a lot of fun. The place has great energy -- I suppose that's not unrelated to the fact it's doing well as a business.

But hey, aside from that -- Vista offers free business cards as a promotional thing, where "free" means "actually you have to pay $5.25 s/h, but that's still pretty cheap". I just got a set for myself to use as personal contact cards ("Colin Roald, Gentleman Adventurer") -- I think it's more stylish than giving real job-related business cards to people I meet at cons or parties. They look pretty nifty, and I think I prefer the free matte cardstock to the glossy stock anyway.

[pope card]

I thought I'd mention it because I think quite a few of you either do freelance work where you can actually use business cards, or just are the sort to have other uses for cheap pope cards.

(Oh, and if anyone is tempted to buy anything more than the "free business cards" offer, let me know -- I can get you a discount.)

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