2004 May 12

Past glories of Sluggy Freelance

Is it just me, or has Sluggy slid from "methadone" to "unwatchable"? Or am I a hopeless die-hard to have kept with it even this long?

This last week has been so painful that I got to wondering when the last piece of true brilliance was. KITTEN was June of 2000; the Storm Breaker Saga was July of 1999; hell, even GOFOTRON was June 2001. Pete was still doing Saturdays, for Pete's sake. Am I forgetting something? Has it been almost three years since there's been anything really worth reading?

Sigh. It's sad when a fanboy has to move on.

Fortunately, Schlock Mercenary is still kicking ass, to cushion my sorrow.



Posted by: hello on September 12, 2004 08:03 AM
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