2005 July 23

Barbeque, Croquet, Sangria, Zombie Cow

I think I shouldn't leave that last post as the top entry for too long. After some combination of venting and sleep, all-powerful sleep, I am again feeling pretty good. Life goes on, and things will work out. To that end:

Come hang out on my sunny back deck Sunday evening (starting from 5 pm). There will be hamburgers and sangria with the works! Left-handed All-Terrain Pirate Croquet -- victory wicket between the legs of the Zombie Cow! Free suntan lotion and booze for anyone in a bikini! Come one and all! Bring cute single friends!

Sunday, July 24, 5pm until whenever
Guests are asked to bring drinks, snacks, and dessert items. If you RSVP I'll make sure there are hamburgers or veggie burgers for you; you're also welcome to bring your own grillables.

This is an open invite -- bring along anyone if you think they're cool. Just let me know how many.

Let me know if you need directions.


I'm planning to come, will bring potato salad.

Brandi's a maybe, depends on whether her essays are done.

Posted by: Matt Ryan on July 23, 2005 11:41 PM
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