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2003 June 10

Howto configure postfix to use a remote SMTP relay host

This is a public service message, because when I queried google "configure postfix remote smtphost", I couldn't find anything useful to the question I was trying to answer.

So you're running Linux, and your ISP is filtering traffic on port 25, thus blocking you from sending outgoing mail, and so you want to configure your mailserver to relay all your mail out through your ISP's server, like they want you to. If you're running postfix, this turns out to be very easy -- in /etc/postfix/, just set the variable:

	relayhost =
then restart postfix (/etc/init.d/postfix restart, as root).

You're welcome.

2003 January 5

Metacity Configuration

Just installed RedHat 8.0, and discovered they've changed the window manager from sawfish to metacity, and don't even ship enlightenment anymore. The story, apparently, is that the sawfish project went moribund, so the GNOME guys switched to metacity.

Here follows technical notes on my reconfiguration issues.



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