April 03, 2005

Week 13

I worked hard on Malek this week, but not exactly editing. I had to transfer the file from a very old PC to a not-terribly-new Mac. Youíd think that since Iíve been using Word on both computers, this wouldnít be a problem, but youíd be wrong. Iím sure one of my many tech-geek friends could have told me how to fix the formatting problem that occurred, but I didnít ask. Instead, I fixed it manually, line by line, all six thousand, six hundred and thirty eight of them. Whew! It only took three days. On the up side, doing so gave me a chance to skim through the whole thing and remind myself of why I really love this story! In fact, itís become hard for me to be away from it for very long. I no long worry if Iíll be able to write every day. Instead, I worry if Iíll be doing anything else all day! Find the balance, I hear myself say. Hopefully, I can!

Posted by debra at April 3, 2005 02:50 PM
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