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2000 August 11

Sluggy Freelance rules

Okay, it is now time for me to rant about how cool Sluggy Freelance is.

There is a whole online-comics scene going on right now that's producing some amazing stuff, such as Tatsuya Ishida's smart and funny SinFest, Christopher Baldwin's philosophically tormented Bruno, and Jonathan Rosenberg's sick but fiendishly compelling goats. Any of the above might find a place in an alternaweekly beside Red Meat, but otherwise have a popsicle's chance in the Sahara of seeing newsprint. That these guys can self-produce and self-distribute stuff like this is the real payoff of the web.

And then there is the cinematic King of the Hill of web comix, Sluggy Freelance, where Pete Abrams is producing a sprawling marvel of wit, style, and panache.