Archives : February 2004

2004 February 2

One fork, one chair, no table

I have found myself an apartment, which comes as an immense relief to myself, and also to Jon & Amy, who have gone far beyond the call of hospitality in letting me spend the last month in their guest room. I do want to say that they were fabulous hosts, and I'm very grateful to them for putting up with me.

Anyway, I signed a lease yesterday morning, and spent the rest of the day shuttling just enough stuff into the place to let me camp out for the rest of the week. I hope to move the rest from storage to the apartment this weekend -- is anybody available?

The apartment is a large one-bedroom, the second floor of a newer house, just over the line into Medford. I'm on St Clements Road, which is a grandiose name for a street only a block long, near the corner of Harvard Ave and Boston Ave -- so about a fifteen minute walk from Davis. The Medford thing turns out to be more significant than I had at first assumed -- for one, RCN doesn't serve it, so I have to figure out what to do about my internet connection. Does anybody know if I have any cable option other than Comcast? I can't seem to figure out where to look to find the answer. You'd think "What cable providers serve Medford, MA?" would be a straighforward question.

Does anybody have any experience with them? Should I be wary? Well, I am wary, but have no good reason for it.

Also, apparently the Medford address will mean lower car insurance rates, except that I don't have a car. Maybe I'll have to get one, now that I have a place to park it.

I'm not even going to try to reread this pile of ramblings. I need sleep. If it made any sense, then bonus.

2004 February 10

Good things

It is a good and lovely and decadent thing to lay on one's own couch in one's own living room in front of one's own television. Three months of not being able to do so does rather intensify the savour.

Here's hoping for a decent interval of boring life in which I can come to take such things for granted again.

2004 February 12

Three tables, but still one fork

Hm. I can't seem to find the box that should have my cutlery in it, so I'm still working with one fork and no spoon. This is annoying.

If one of the fine people who helped me move in has played some kind of practical joke on me, now would be a good time to fess up...

In other news, I now have phone and internet connected here. I have been strangely content to live without them (obviously my internet addiction is in remission, and the cell phone has helped enormously), but I'm still glad to have them. I think I won't put my new number on the net here, though. Probably there is no reason not to, but the net is forever.

2004 February 28

Books = Home

In a leisurely evening of unpacking, I've got almost all of my books out of boxes and onto their shelves. I am kind of surprised how much this helps change things from a home to my home. On the other hand, I'm also kind of surprised how strongly I'm flashing back to my last apartment -- I can't quite get things in the same layout as they were before, and it feels wrong.

These are transient feelings. In a few days, I will have become accustomed to this plan, or else I will figure out a new layout. I have vast space now, acres of space! I can move things anywhere! Muhaha.

I finished my contract at <not-to-be-named-employer> this afternoon -- the most anti-climactic end-of-job ever. I'd meant to say farewell to people, but around 5:30 I realized that everyone had already disappeared, gone home. Well, it was a contract job, I wasn't even there for two months. I suppose easy come easy go.

Last week when I told them I had another offer I felt bad about leaving -- more guilt on account of making them replace me on a tight schedule than actual sadness on leaving the place, though. Today I was all done with that and just looking forward to having next week off. I feel so mercenary.

I start at VistaPrint out in Lexington a week Monday, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm such a novelty slut. (Though I also have hopes that they have a development group that actually has its act together -- at least, they did a plausible imitation of one during the interview process.) Before then I have to buy a car, so I can get out there for work, and make a visa run to Canada.

It seems like a good excuse to visit my brother in Montreal next weekend -- if the weather is decent, we'll go skiing on Saturday. I haven't been skiing with him since, geez, 1984 or something? Once upon a time we went frequently, when we lived in BC. It'll be good to go again.

Wish me luck car-shopping tomorrow. I must beard the treacherous salesthing in its den.

I suppose I should also report I found my cutlery. I'm sure you were all waiting to hear that.

I need new, non-crappy cutlery.