Archives : November 2004

2004 November 3

Moral values

I fell asleep listening to NPR; woke up to it around 5:30 am. It was like I was having a nerd nightmare. Yesterday everything seemed to be going so well. Obviously, I know nothing.

I will never understand anyone who can vote for the party running an extrajudicial torture colony, and claim it was for "moral reasons". Today I am not fond of my fellow man, and particularly not the American version.

I have more and darker thoughts, but no one will be edified by me sharing.

2004 November 22

Manhattan suggestions

I can't quite figure out how I've been living 200 miles away from the place for more than two and a half years, and I haven't managed to visit yet. For a guy who claims to like road trips, this is getting embarrassing. I've been focusing on building a life here in Boston and that's been very good for me -- I arrived here from California with a serious accumulated social-life deficit -- but I can't be a complete barnacle.

So, Thanksgiving weekend, there seems to be nothing going on. Most everybody is going to be out of town, has plans with their families, etc, and is not holding parties. Time to get myself on the road as well. I've got a reservation at a hostel in the East Village for Saturday night, an area I've sort of heard of but actually know nothing about. I haven't quite figured out how I'm getting there yet, but transportation seems like a lesser problem than Manhattan accommodations (everybody was already sold out for Friday night) and I'm confident I can work that one out -- if nothing else, I can drive down Saturday morning and back Sunday night. Parking must be a solvable problem (any commuter lot on the subway would do, I'm sure).

Thirty hours in Manhattan, then. No plans yet. Any recommendations on what I should do? I've been to the Obvious Museums, but otherwise have never spent very much time there.

Update: I now have reservations on the Chinatown bus. So no need to recommend that.