1999 September 12


Have spent much of the past week trying to sort out planning for boot camp next month, both how to get there and where to stay. Travel, comparatively, was easy to arrange -- there seem to be no deals for flights from SFO to Logan, but with a bit of persistence I discovered that Southwest flies to Providence, which is almost as good.

Lodging was much more of a pain in the ass. Three weeks is too long to impose on friends, too short for apartment rentals , and small inns and guest houses seemed invariably to already be booked up on weekends. But after we each spent a few days on the phone, Jason (a fellow bootcamper) came up with the Inn at Ridge, an odd-sounding place attached to an athletic club in Braintree that'll rent us a suite for two for $65/night. That's still not cheap, but I can say with confidence that about the only way to do better in the Boston area is to resort to a dorm room at the youth hostel.

. . .

Saw Molly again on Friday, first time since August 2. She bought me the world's best chicken pot pie to celebrate being a quitter. We didn't sing Kenny Rogers, but we should have.

. . .

Fear the crooner: Found this in an Economist article on refugees from the North Korean famine: ``[The 15-year-old girl] was lucky not to be picked up and sold to a Chinese brothel or karaoke bar.'' Spare the children -- fight the spread of karaoke.

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