2003 April 7

The Internet, free speech, and al Jazeera

El Reg says what needs to be said:

It can be like this for TV and print media too, but Al Jazeera's satellite TV operations are to a great extent proof against such perils. The signals can't be stopped readily, unless you jam them, ban dishes or get them kicked out of their satellite deals, and you can't readily get to the company for as long as it has tolerant governments prepared to host it. That doesn't amount to complete invulnerability, because political and commercial pressures can still be exerted in order to quieten it down, but the position is a hell of a lot more favourable than is the case for the Internet. Think about the lengths you'd have to go to in order to produce a similar level of invulnerability via the Internet, and you'll maybe conclude that free speech is a lot less free than you thought.
I've been checking out al Jazeera when I can. It's not easy, partly because of the DOS attacks and partly because they wrote their pages using some insane dynamic jscript thing that only works in IE, but I have to agree this "al Jazeera is a running-dog Iraqi lackey" idea is way the hell overblown.

Lay off al Jazeera, already.

update (2:15pm): Hm. Current state of http://english.aljazeera.net/ is that the article bodies don't display in Mozilla, and the page doesn't load at all from Internet Explorer. I don't know why IE can't get to it.


i want to adress my warm condelences to our arabic nation concerning the assasination of our leader sheikh amad yassin (rahmat allah aleih)i would say that nothing will stop our resistance against our historical enemy, we will defend our rights till the end and i m sure that god will aid and reward us, we must be patient with those whow want to broke down our apptitude and competance.
i ask god his soon mercy and triunph, and we will remain honnest to our goal.

Posted by: jalal abdul aziz on March 23, 2004 12:25 PM
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