2003 May 10

Beautiful day IV

Rode across town to Mystery House for the swap. Fun afternoon.

In an odd coincidence, both times when I crossed the Mystic at Medford, I passed the same woman walking with two boys on bikes -- and in the combined time I had them in earshot, she never once stopped yelling at them. Well, I thought it was odd, like the three of them were trapped in some kind of time loop, and I happened to skim the edge of it. If I'd gone any closer, I might still be there, listening to the bitching.

Date Route Dist Time Avg Spd Year Total
2003/05/10 Malden 21.8 km 63:55 20.5 km/h 216 km
My new cyclometer automatically stops my ride clock when my bike isn't moving, so that time excludes all the time I spent waiting for traffic lights and such. Still, I'm surprised my average speed is as high as that, because I didn't think I was particularly pushing myself. The difference between 20 km/h and 25 km/h seems to be a lot bigger than I would have thought.

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