2003 May 17

Beautiful day V

So today I didn't go riding -- I went hiking, to Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire with a hiking club I found on the web. The group, it seems, is largely the product of one energetic woman and her mailing list, but hey, more power to her. I would probably not have made it out to Monadnock (for that matter, heard of Monadnock) without the promise of a group to go with, so thanks, Holly.

Mt Monadnock, according to New Hampshire Parks and Recreation, is the second-most-climbed mountain in the world after Mt Fuji, and from the peak on a clear day apparently you can see all six New England states. (Though it only just qualifies as a mountain by the English definition, topping out at 3165'.) The climb is steep, mostly on bare granite, and well worth it. The view from the top is fabulous. Our route (up White Dot trail, back down Pumpelly and Spellman) had an elevation gain of a bit more than 1800' and a round trip distance of 4.5 mi; we took about four hours; my legs were rubbery by the end. Steep, rough descents are almost as much work as steep ascents.

[monadnock topo map]

status: tanned, satisfied.

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