2003 May 5

Living life accordion-style

"Adventure minus risk equals Disneyland."

I feel like I'm reaching a point in life where I'm psyching myself up to take another big chance, and so stumbling across The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century struck quite a chord. AccordionGuy is Joey deVilla, a musical hacker from T.O., and his whole blog is one extended demonstration of the principle that good things happen to those who take chances. That is,

"When the accordion train comes in, everybody rides!" [+]
You can never have too many role models for the eternal challenge of getting off your ass and making cool things happen, so he's my new hero du jour (no, not like that).

Back in high school, after reading Space-Time and Beyond for the umpteenth time and drinking one too many zombies with my friend Henry Dziarmaga, we came up with the theory that in the infinite set of universes -- the multiverse -- there was one particular universe in which what happened to us right here was being watched as a TV show over there. We then made a solemn vow to live in such a way that we kept our ratings up. [+]

Now I just need to learn to play the accordion.

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