2003 October 22

The examined life

Maciej Ceglowski of the NITLE Blog Census know what he believes:

I just got a headhunting letter from one Kat Morrell, inviting me to apply for a job with the MSN Search people, as part of " an ambitious project to create a revolutionary new search engine from scratch". From the letter, it sounds like they're preparing the Anti-Google — indexing the entire Internet to create "a search engine that will leapfrog over current technologies".

To which I say, leapfrog over my FLYING SHAOLIN FIST OF DEATH! [+]


Yeah, I read an article a few months ago in the NYT (I think) about Microsoft developing a search engine to compete with Google.

I also read a column a few months ago on one of MSN's sites that talked on and on about how Google wasn't the bee's knees.

See, it did things such as bring up Apple Computers when a user searches for 'apple'. Could it be, the obnoxious columnist asked, that the WORLD is more interested in Apple Computers than it is in the round, red and green things you eat?

There were so many conflicts of interest in that argument, I didn't know where to start.

And oh yeah, if someone wanted information about apples, they would type 'apples'. People in English don't say, "Oh. I'm interested in computer and video game." They say, "I'm interested in computers and video games."

Posted by: laurens on October 23, 2003 07:09 AM
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