2004 February 28

Books = Home

In a leisurely evening of unpacking, I've got almost all of my books out of boxes and onto their shelves. I am kind of surprised how much this helps change things from a home to my home. On the other hand, I'm also kind of surprised how strongly I'm flashing back to my last apartment -- I can't quite get things in the same layout as they were before, and it feels wrong.

These are transient feelings. In a few days, I will have become accustomed to this plan, or else I will figure out a new layout. I have vast space now, acres of space! I can move things anywhere! Muhaha.

I finished my contract at <not-to-be-named-employer> this afternoon -- the most anti-climactic end-of-job ever. I'd meant to say farewell to people, but around 5:30 I realized that everyone had already disappeared, gone home. Well, it was a contract job, I wasn't even there for two months. I suppose easy come easy go.

Last week when I told them I had another offer I felt bad about leaving -- more guilt on account of making them replace me on a tight schedule than actual sadness on leaving the place, though. Today I was all done with that and just looking forward to having next week off. I feel so mercenary.

I start at VistaPrint out in Lexington a week Monday, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm such a novelty slut. (Though I also have hopes that they have a development group that actually has its act together -- at least, they did a plausible imitation of one during the interview process.) Before then I have to buy a car, so I can get out there for work, and make a visa run to Canada.

It seems like a good excuse to visit my brother in Montreal next weekend -- if the weather is decent, we'll go skiing on Saturday. I haven't been skiing with him since, geez, 1984 or something? Once upon a time we went frequently, when we lived in BC. It'll be good to go again.

Wish me luck car-shopping tomorrow. I must beard the treacherous salesthing in its den.

I suppose I should also report I found my cutlery. I'm sure you were all waiting to hear that.

I need new, non-crappy cutlery.

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