2005 March 29


I just reread my last entry, and realized I went directly from talking about how great it is to have friends in Boston to raving about a particular road trip. I hope no one felt left out! I just could only fit three passengers in my car.

It was really a whole birthday weekend that has me feeling up right now. I'm not going to name anyone else because I don't mean to make the same mistake twice in a row, but: there was gaming on Thursday. A jazz concert with a friend singing on Friday night. More gaming on Saturday afternoon. A the-calendar-says-it's-spring-so-it's-time-for-a-barbeque barbeque Saturday night. Road trip on Sunday. Impromptu dinner out and BSG-watching last weekend, and party invitations, and expedition to Good Times. More gaming this week, I think, and four square next Sunday, and a video night, and a Fluttr concert where, if I manage to get there, I know I'll know a bunch of people in the audience. The ability to go to the Diesel to hang out and more than likely randomly run into someone I know.

I like my life here and you all should know that.


We ought to figure out the video night. Anyone else coming?

Posted by: Michael A. Burstein on March 29, 2005 01:25 PM
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