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2004 December 6


I've just caught up on my notes on my last six months of reading, so I draw your attention to the left margin, or the actual booklist.

2004 March 3

The booklist

As I've just taken the trouble to catch up my notes on my last three months of reading, I'd like to draw people's attention to the booklist in the margin. You know, because I'm sure you all care about what I think of what I've read.

2003 December 13

Apologies for massive LJ reposts

Oops. I redefined my archive naming format yesterday, and apparently LJ decided every one of those renamed posts was new. Sorry for spamming your friends pages.

(For those who might care, I switched from a numbered-permalink scheme to one based off the entry title. This is because it turns out that Movable Type doesn't save entry id numbers in its export-backup utility, so if I ever had to rebuild from scratch, then any links anybody had made to my old articles would be lost. Are any of my old articles really important enough to care about not breaking permalinks? No, not really, but it's still the Right Thing To Do.)

2003 June 5

Mail problems

Hm. It seems like maybe none of the mail I've written since Sunday has been getting out. I'm not sure what's going on, but in the meantime: (a) no game tonight; (b) game next week, somewhere; and (c) hm, that would explain why no one has been answering any of my questions.

2003 May 4

The booklist is back

Please for to be looking closely at new section appearing in left sidebar: recent books to be telling about books I am having read recently. Thanking you.


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