1999 September 28


I got two more tasty little tomatoes off my plant this morning. I was kind of late getting it started last spring -- I think it was June, actually -- and while it's done a good job sprawling all over my balcony, I was getting worried it wouldn't produce any actual tomatoes before I was off to boot camp.

Let's face it -- I've kept it alive, but this is not the world's most pampered piece of greenery.

I got two ripe cherries from it Saturday morning, and two more today. There are a bunch more green ones there, that I suspect Antonio is going to get to eat while I'm away. Nevertheless, I did get some. It's a symbolic victory.

. . .

I now have Linux pretty much completely installed and configured on linon, my new laptop. It now runs ssh, ppp, a webserver, and the modem works. I tested it to destruction last night, and can verify that the battery is good for just under two hours -- it can keep going for about ten minutes more after the battery gauge is reading 0. Heh.

What happens after that, though, is ugly. Total ungraceful system death -- apparently apmd does not coordinate well with Toshiba's BIOS "resume mode". The first time I tried to power back up after plugging into wall current it gave me a "BIOS Damaged, Call Serviceman" splash screen. It was, gratefully, just kidding, but it scared me enough that next time you can bet I'm going to be a good boy and turn it off properly when it tells me the battery is dry.

Incidentally, the name linon is from Kay's Sailing to Sarantium: Linon is Crispin's enchanted travelling companion. I like the name and I like the resonance; I hope I won't have to sacrifice her to the zubir.

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