2005 May 25

Storm nostalgia

Last night around ten the wind picked up enough that the rain started rattling a bit against my windows. And I was surprised to discover I found this soothing. It was a bit like the storms I grew up with, except the rain was light and the wind was half-hearted. I was warm inside rolled up in a blanket watching TV, and I wanted the weather to get serious. If it's going to suck, suck Properly -- I want driving rain rolling in sheets against the sides of the house. Make me pay attention to you, Nature, and cut it out with this passive-aggressive cold drizzle crap. Give me some savagery.

Why do we not seem to get storms like that here? The Atlantic is right there, and in most other ways the weather here resembles Nova Scotia. Is it that we're not quite far enough north, or that Somerville is really too far inland? Or does the Cape shelter Boston from the real thing?

Of course, my nostalgia wants foghorns and harbour bells, too, and I'm definitely too far inland for that.


Maybe we can scrounge up some foghorns for you this weekend! :)

Posted by: Fanw on May 25, 2005 01:44 PM

Hi Colin
Being from near the coast in Ireland, I felt the same way. The wind here never howls and lashes the way it does with the weather riding straight in off the ocean. I think Cape Cod protects the Boston area from that - which is why the Puritans decided that Plymouth was a good harbour to shelter in. Maybe you should move to Nantucket!

Posted by: Mari on May 26, 2005 08:01 PM
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